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Canine Massage based in Cambridgeshire

Therapeutic Canine Massage
Massage is the oldest form of therapy and can be traced back to approximately 3000 B.C.  It was used by many ancient civilisations and held in high regard by the Ancient Greeks and Romans.  In simple terms, massage manipulates the soft tissues of the body such as muscles, skin, tendons, ligaments and fascia in order to produce a feeling of well being, relieve pain, aid the healing of injuries and improve muscle tone. 

The muscular system accounts for around 45% of a dog's bodyweight. It is responsible for movement and enables your dog to walk, play, run and jump. Day to day activities, injury or orthopaedic conditions can cause imbalance in your dog's muscles and lead to soreness, lameness and restricted movement. Dogs coping with ongoing problems like arthritis will have areas of overcompensation and pain referral that aggravate an already uncomfortable problem.

Therapeutic Canine Massage is a strong manipulative massage that helps to locate, identify and treat muscular and soft tissue problems.   An extensive knowledge of canine anatomy and physiology, advanced palpation skills and clinical manipulation of muscle is used to rehabilitate injuries, lengthen short muscle tissue and address scar tissue, knots, spasms and strains.  


Massage therapy can help to bring the muscular system back into balance, restore mobility, significantly support orthopaedic conditions such as hip dysplasia and arthritis, improve quality of life and promote general well-being.
K9 Bodyzone is based in Peterborough and covers North Cambridgeshire, South Lincolnshire, East Northamptonshire and Rutland.  


Therapeutic Canine Massage may help with:

Limping or lameness

Stiffness or discomfort

Posture changes

Difficulty going up or down stairs

Unwillingness to jump

Signs of ageing or slowing down

Reluctance to exercise or play

Uneven nail wear

Poor performance i.e. agility, flyball etc.

Twitching down the back

Hip and Elbow Dysplasia

Crying in pain or yelping


Cruciate Ligament

Luxating Patella

Muscular strains (pulls)

Rehabilitation following surgery or injury

Pre-surgery conditioning

Maintaining fitness levels


In the news .....
Dogs Live

I will be at Just Dogs Live at the East of England Show Ground from the 7th July to the 9th July 2017 in the Atrium as you come into the show. Free muscular health checks are available for all dogs by myself and some of my colleagues.
All About Dogs - Newark Showground 20 & 21st April 2013

Fantastic Dog Show with lots of activities - a great fun day out for dogs and owners to enjoy. K9 Bodyzone, Dog House Canine Massage Therapy and Arwesa Canine Performance Therapy will be there this weekend offering free canine muscular health checks.
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