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“I found Julie to be knowledgeable and caring when she saw my 6 year old Flat Coat Retriever and I was amazed how well Poppy responded to her. Massage therapy located and alleviated the effects of an unexplained neck injury and also reduced scar tissue from an old injury which was affecting her gait.”
Peter and Poppy - Peterborough
“My elderly English Setter was really slowing down and becoming increasingly stiff. Following treatment he is much more agile and has improved movement. When he developed a limp after stepping in a rabbit hole massage therapy located the source of discomfort, reduced the inflammation and ensured a quick recovery.”
Bertha and Darcy – Peterborough
“I was sceptical as to whether massage could help our 7 year old boxer who has arthritis in his hips and hind legs. Three sessions of massage has made such a difference to him as he is playing, climbing and being mischievous again.”
Natalie and Seamus – Northants
“I was interested to see if massage could help Toby with swollen joints, stiffness and mobility issues caused by arthritis. After three sessions Toby was so much more lively and walking much better. All the swelling on his joints had gone – amazing.”
Jackie and Toby - Peterborough
“My 14 year old Parson Jack Russell was struggling to go up the stairs and was just pottering on her walks.  Following massage therapy she is able to stand up on her hind legs again, is more fluid in her movements and now whizzes about."
Catherine and Bea - Cambridgeshire  
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